Father Monte Peters

It is with a saddened heart that we received the news of the passing of Father Monte. In our faith teachings, it is understood that we will never know the time or the day that our heavenly Father will call us to his kingdom.

It is important for us to take time to reflect on how blessed we have been to share time with Father Monte. He always had time to say hello, counsel us in times of need, celebrate with us and inspire us to do better each day.

He was not just a great man of God, he taught us everyday to live in the light of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His actions were of kindness, his words of understanding, and he exemplified tolerance and patience. He had room in his heart for all of God’s children.

In our region and province, there is hardly a place that you can mention our Priest “Monte”, without another person finishing your sentence with “you mean, Father Peters”. His message will not be lost, and his actions remembered always, and no one will ever forget his little stories at the end of Mass that always put a smile on our face, and a tingle in our heart.

He was and always will be an integral part of our lives, our families, our Parish.

We thank the Lord for the time that we were able to spend with him.

May God Bless the Peters’ Family and we ask you to pray for them at this time. 

Share a memory of Father Monte

Shared Memories of Father Monte

His caring presence changed the course of our lives beyond understanding. God used Monte to entice us to live in the Maritimes by stopping at UNB to visit him on our way to Halifax, to attend a conference mid-May 1985. He suggested a change in our return route from Halifax back to Mississauga through the Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy, for he remembered it was time of the apple blossoms. It was such a glorious experience that, months later, at perhaps the greatest crossroad of our life, we decided to move to Nova Scotia. Monte put us in touch with his Halifax-based sister, Jane, whose family became surrogate family to us. It is impossible to measure the impact of that connection. God gave us a new life and an abundant one through Monte. RIP dear friend.

My 8 year old daughter and I have fond memories of dissecting Father Monte’s wise words and jokes in the car after mass. He was so good at being able to take some big subjects and make it relatable to todays time and subject matter so that we could all understand a little more clearly. We will miss his welcoming smile and kind heart and are deeply saddened by his loss. Thoughts and prayers to the Peters Family

I would like to offer you, Monte's family, my deepest condolences. There are only favourite memories when I think of Father Monte, but one that comes to mind is from early 2016 on the night that a group of us met at the airport to welcome our new Syrian friends. Since the flight was delayed, a few of us went to a coffee shop to pass the time. My husband, Dan, and I were lucky to share a table with Monte. We covered many topics and at one point, I told a joke that related to the topic of bilingualism that we had been discussing. A couple of days later, Monte called me to ask if he could tell that joke at mass and for me to re-tell it so he would get it right. He did get it right and got lots of laughs. After mass he asked me how he did. He had told it better than I could.

"There's a story told of a mama mouse crossing the road with her baby mice when along came a large cat. Mama mouse told her little ones to watch and learn. When the cat approached, the mama mouse, in her biggest voice, yelled "WOOF!" and the cat scurried away. Mama mouse turned to her babies and said "Now do you see the advantage of a second language?"

I have many beautiful, funny and kind memories of Monte. I have been a reader for several years but the very first time, I volunteered, I mentioned to him that this was a little bit outside my comfort zone. He said that I would do fine as long as I knew how to read. After mass, he thanked everyone and then he said he would like "to give a hand to Norma", that it was my first time doing the readings. Of course, at Holy Family, the congregation applauded. Part of me wanted the floor to swallow me up; but mostly, I felt such kindness coming from him. He was a very special man and I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to get to know him. It is true that what we remember of the people we lose is how they made us feel. Monte always made you feel like you were the only person that mattered.

Rest in peace, Monte, we will miss you.