The Memory Project

Mary-Ellen Badeau

The parish of St. Kateri Tekakwitha is interested in compiling the histories of all the churches or worship sites (both past and present) that this new parish includes. We would like to start with the five Mission Churches. Here is a brief background to start us off and help put things in perspective in helping to compile information on the history of these churches.

Immaculate Conception Mission Church, Cork

The 1st church 1861 blown down by the Saxby Gale in 1869, the 2nd church stood alongside the 3rd church built in 1901-3. In 1943 that church was hit by lightning and completely destroyed and the 4th church (present) was finished in the winter of 1947.

St. Mark's Mission Church, Lake George

It was administered from Debec and Woodstock in the early years. Renovated in 1915.

St. Mary's Mission Church at Hanwell

The 1st church (wooden) was where the St. Mary’s graveyard is located on the Hanwell Rd. and the 2nd church (brick) now occupied by Outreach Productions. Before that The Country Junction, at the intersection of the Hanwell and Mazerolle Settlement Roads.

St. Patrick's Mission Church, Newmarket

The 1st church was blown down before its completion. The 2nd church has been remodeled over the years.  

St. Clement’s Church, McAdam

The original church destroyed by fire in 1904, present one erected in 1946

Once we get the Mission Churches well on the way, we will start work on St. Ann's Church, Kingsclear (by far the oldest worship site 1717), and Holy Family Church, Fredericton (the youngest worship site 1978).


We would like to compile as complete as possible a history of all these churches so any information people would have or would like to share would be greatly appreciated - newspaper clippings, photos, names of families that attended these churches over the years, stories about the churches, bulletins, names of priests or any other religious orders who may have assisted with these mission churches, etc.

Any original documents will be copied, with the owner’s permission, and the originals returned. Some of the history of the churches will eventually end up on our parish website for present and future generations to remember the old parishes before the revitalization into the new parishes.

Being an archivist, a genealogist and an historian I feel this is vital to the history of not only our new parish of St. Kateri Tekakwitha but also the legacy of all these churches that were once their own individual parishes. I have started compiling some information, but I need the assistance of the parishioners of all the churches in the Parish of St. Kateri Tekakwitha to do a decent job. Materials can be brought to Holy Family at Mass times (Sat. 4:30pm or Sun. 11:00am), St. Ann’s Mass time (Sunday 9:30 am). Items will be placed in container specifically for the Memory Project and receipt for materials will be provided. Materials can also be picked up by someone from the church by either calling me (452-1066) or the church office (444-6021) to arrange for pickup. For more information about the project, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mary-Ellen Badeau

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Phone - 452-1066