Religious Education

Religious Education Classes are offered at Holy Family Church for children Kindergarten to Grade 5 Sunday mornings, September to April, 10:00am to 10:45am.
Youth Group is offered at Holy Family Church Friday evenings with the scheduled announced in September for students Grade 6-8.

Confirmation Preparation sessions begin in September for Grade 9 students with the sacrament of Confirmation celebrated in April. The class schedule is provided in September.

Children in Grade 2 will receive the sacrament of First Reconciliation in the Fall and sacrament of First Holy Communion in the Spring. Parents will be required to submit Baptismal Certificates if not baptized at Holy Family Church.

Should children be in an older grade and have not received the sacraments celebrated in Grade 2, parents will be provided with teaching materials to work with their children at home. They will be required to attend final preparation classes with the current class.

Our Religious Education Coordinator is Sharon Watts and she can be contacted by sending and email to 

2019/2020 Catechists:
Kindergarten: Sharon Watts/Gisele Gallibois
Grade 1: Alicia Stephens
Grade 2: Sandra Christopher/Ed McGinley
Grade 3: Katherine Dillon/Sonja Dillon
Grade 4/5: Lorie Holland/Renee Monteith
Youth Group: Margie Snell
Grade 9: Margie Snell